Our multi-disciplinary team consists of professional scientists, engineers and software developers, many of whom are internationally recognised within their fields. From our offices in Harwell, Oxfordshire, we apply our decades of experience in scientific consultancy to deliver bespoke, tailored solutions to a global customer base. We work closely with our customers to provide links between data and understanding in diverse geoscience disciplines: from geology, hydrogeology and geochemistry to geophysics and reservoir engineering.

We use our in-house modelling software (ConnectFlow and project-specific bespoke software solutions) together with third-party modelling packages to solve fluid flow and solute transport problems that typically arise in sites under consideration for geological disposal of nuclear waste. ConnectFlow has also been employed in modelling fractured reservoir rocks for the petroleum industry and hydrothermal reservoirs for geothermal projects.

Our team offers the following consultanc:

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Other teams within our organisation provide consultancy in a number of related areas, including: